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Making the Most of your Private Lesson

Privates are my very favorite method of teaching! The one-on-one time allows me to truly focus on my student and how to best help them reach their goals. If you are interested in taking a private lesson with me, here are some things you can do before and after to get the most out of our time together.

Days/Weeks Before Your Lesson:

Once you have decided to take a private lesson with me, the first step will be to send me a Direct-Message on Instagram, or if you prefer, an email. In this initial message, give me a few options of dates and times that would work for you. Upon receiving this, I will work out the best of those times with my own schedule and the hosting studio, and then get back to you asap with a confirmation.

After getting confirmed for our lesson, it is time for you to decide what you would like to work on with me! My recommendation is to choose 1 topic per half-hour we have scheduled together. To help make my lesson planning efficient, you can also send me some videos of where you are presently with those skills you want to work on, or tell me what components are currently giving you the most trouble.

You may also choose to use your lesson to work on, or pass the requirements for my @coachbrandonscott instagram page. If you’d like to read more about what it takes to become a virtual student of mine, you can read my blog post about it here.

Finally, consider inviting a friend or two to form a semi-private lesson! Some benefits of semi-privates include getting a discount on your fee, and having another person to watch and take turns with. Just make sure that you discuss and agree on what skills y’all want to work on beforehand.

Day of/Minutes Before Your Lesson:

On the day of your lesson, please prepare by bringing something with which to record what you learn. You can go old school with a pad of paper and a pencil so you can write down sequencing, tips and tricks, and epiphanies you have during our session. But also, know you are welcome to use your phone in our lesson to visually record yourself.

(Please note that every coach has different levels of comfort with phones in their classes, so while I happen to be pretty lenient, please be courteous and ask each coach you work with for their personal rules.)

Then, plan ahead, and get to our lesson early! This is especially important if you are going to a new studio for our lesson, as you’ll most likely need to fill out new waivers, sign in somewhere online, or make a payment. Once you are finished with housekeeping, it’s time to warm yourself up. I may have a few targeted warmups planned to begin our curriculum, but being already warm when we begin will save us a lot of time, perhaps enough to include an extra skill at the end!

After Your Lesson:

After we’ve parted, and you are home recovering (maybe before bed), take some time to review your notes and videos about what we worked on together. Think about the things that really worked well, as well as the things that challenged you. Try and visualize yourself performing the sequencing at your highest level. All these exercises will help you retain and make the most of what you learned.

The very next time you have the chance to train a bit on your own, go over everything you can remember from our private lesson. If you have a breakthrough or run into issues, please feel free to message me! I am happy to continue assisting you in getting over roadblocks as you get to them, and I love to see your progress!

Lastly, don’t forget to tag me in posts you make on instagram! You’re likely to find yourself in my BSA instagram story! I’ll see you in the air, hopefully in a private lesson soon!

-Coach B