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How to Follow @coachbrandonscott

My Dearest Aerialists,

For the past several few years as I have traveled around the world, I have met students in far off places who have each found a place close to my heart. In my desire to continue my relationships with them, I have often pondered about how to best bring my coaching abilities to the place that connects us all, no matter where we are on the planet: the internet! Not only have my thoughts gone toward the best formats for getting my coaching accessible on the virtual plane, but I have also thought intensely about how to do it in a way that promotes safety even as I am not there to personally watch over each student.

In regards to the first, I have decided to begin in the same place where the majority of my performing content resides: Instagram! On @coachbrandonscott page, I will be uploading more intentional videos breaking down technique, as well doing classes and Q&As over livestream, and utilizing the new IGTV feature. In the near future, as the ball gets rolling, I will also expand to create a secret facebook group where students will have better access to me with their questions, as well as other formats of teaching (including youtube videos, skype lessons, etc).

In regards to my other thoughts about safety, I have decided that I will only be accepting students at an intermediate level or higher, as well as other coaches and performers who would like to be part of my community. To show this level of proficiency, students will be required to DM videos to the @coachbrandonscott page for the 6 areas listed below. These have been determined to be the mark of intermediate students by my own judgement, and are subject to change. However, I truly believe they are each attainable movements, and their mastery will give me the confidence to trust that aerialists will be safe when following my instructions from a distance.

Prerequisites to following @coachbrandonscott are as follows:


Balance Splits:

Simple, iconic, the split is THE fundamental line of a silk artist. Not only for the many shapes and sequences that include them, but more generally, the split represents a degree of hip and leg mobility necessary for keeping any acrobatic body safe. As an intermediate+ student, mobility must also be coupled with strength, and the active-flexibility of the balance split is a wonderful cue for showing this.

For this category, I am looking for:

  • Clean Egg-beaters
  • Front Split
  • Flat Splits (180˚ or larger)
  • 10-Second Balance
  • Level 2 (triple-wrap cinched to achilles) or higher (footlocks)
  • Extra Credit: Arm-ography


Unlike other kinds of flexibility, backbending involves the spine, resulting in a much different approach and practise. The ability to backbend for the intermediate student shows a patience and dedication to the slow road to flexibility, and a healthy mid-body.

For this category, I am looking for:

  • Clean Entrance/Exit
  • Toe-to-head or further
  • Moderate Spin (so I can see angles)
  • Tail assist is OK
  • Extra Credit: Both feet to head, hand-assist or no assist (gravity)


Single-Arm Meathook:

You may think of Meathooks as a straps skill, but they truly are one of the universal circus movements. Silks, Rope, Trapeze, Lyra, Sling, Cube, unlocking and leveling up your meathook makes you immediately more proficient across the aerial world. While it may be an intimidating skill for a beginner, intermediate students should absolutely be including meathooks and other single-arm work into their practise.

For this category, I am looking for:

  • Hanging from single-arm, free arm overhead
  • Good compression, head and feet toward the floor
  • Controlled exit to single-arm hang
  • Extra Credit: Reverse Meathook/Back Flag

No -Leg Climb:

Unlike Meathooks, the No-Leg Climb is more specific to us as vertical apparatus acrobats, but just as important! This climb is amazing conditioning, and it’s mastery shows well developed bent-arm and core strength, as well as endurance. Intermediate students should be incorporating this exercise into their regular practise, and should be able to achieve a good amount of steps up their apparatus, as well as make their way back to the floor.

For this category I am looking for:

  • At least 8 steps up, plus a full descent
  • Straight Legs
  • Feet at hip-level or higher
  • Consistent lift (no bobbing)
  • Extra Credit: Starting from a sit, pike position, fast ascent & slow descent


Your Favorite Drop:

Getting into the more fun section (though strength, flex, and sequencing are fun too!), I would like to see you perform your favorite drop. Just to show an intermediate level, I would prefer the drop to be multi-rotational, whether that is forward, back, or horizontal. Think a double-star as the minimum. I’ve spoken myself on the precautions one should take when posting drops on the internet, and in that case I do not need to see a full clean entry for the drop, but I would like to see at least one step before the drop execution, as well as a clean and creative exit.

For this category I am looking for:

  • At least one step/movement before the drop
  • At least 2 rotations in the drop of choice
  • Good body position and control during execution
  • Clean and creative exit
  • Extra Credit: Spinning while dropping, multi-directional drops

1 -minute Choreography:

The beauty of Aerial isn’t just the super-human physical capabilities of the athletes, but that movement combined with their personal expression as an artist. As a final video, I would like to see the aerialist perform a one-minute sequence of their choosing to a piece of music. They should demonstrate an ability to match both to the rhythm & beats of the music, as well as the feeling and attitude. This is a chance to show your creativity, so make the most of it and show me what you’ve got!

For this category I am looking for:

  • 1-minute long choreography by the student themself
  • Creativity
  • Musical Interpretation and Integration
  • Obviously rehearsed, good flow of chosen sequence

Please note: only DM’d videos will be accepted; no pictures, no comments, or mentions in your video posts on IG. DMs will help me keep track of your completed requirements, and videos will give me a better idea of your proficiency in each category. If you would like a visual demonstration of each of these elements, I have made a Youtube video with a few additional tips that you can view here. You can impress me in any of these categories by including the required elements as part of a longer sequence, as well as by doing the extra credit.

If you are not yet to the level of these categories, don’t worry! Whether you are having trouble in your flexibility, strength, or silk technique, there are many, many qualified instructors around the world who can safely coach you to this level in-person. Once you have mastered these requirements, get them on video and send them over! Please however BE AWARE, wasting my time by sending over videos that quite obviously do not meet the requirements, or spamming me with questions will get you blocked from the CBS account. Please take your questions to your own coach, and send in your DM’s once they are ready.

I love all of you in the aerial community, and can’t wait to explore this art with you on a deeper level.

Love, Coach B.