2019 Aerial Demo Reel

I am very excited to release my official 2019 Aerial Demo Reel! Watch it below:

I am grateful for the many opportunities I had to perform in the last year, and want to acknowledge the events and videographers these clips came from.

Wyndham New Year’s Celebration in Las Vegas, January 10, 2018. Solo on Aerial Silks. Videoed by TJ Stutts. Watch the full video here.  

Aerialympics Competition in Salt Lake City, July 15, 2018. Award Winning Solos on Hammock (Gold) and Silks (Silver). Videoed by Aerialympics. You can watch my full Hammock solo here, and Silk solo here.

Skyfall Sleeze Night in Salt Lake City, July 27, 2018. Ambiance on Silks and Chains. Videoed by TJ Stutts. 

Skyfall Re-enlist Night in Salt Lake City, August 31, 2018. Ambiance on Silks. Videoed by Dav.d Photography. Watch a compilation here

Heritage Gala in Orem, October 25, 2018. Solo on Aerial Silks. Videoed by Niklous Day. 

Thriller with Odyssey Dance Theater in Salt Lake City, October 2018. Duo and Solo Straps. Videoed by Derryl Yeager. 

Clara Takes Flight (An Aerial Nutcracker) in Sheboygan, December 2018. Solos on Silks and Straps, as well as Duo on Lyra. Video courtesy of the John Michael Kohler Performing Arts Center. View my full Silks solo here

To book Brandon Scott as an aerialist for your next event or show, please email him here.