Comments and Love from Instagram:

You inspire me so much! I am a tissu artist, and you are my hero! – @klaraivp

You are so amazing. Your technique is flawless ??? – joarasarai

Brandon YOU… are truly a unicorn-pegasus. Just… perfectly MAGICAL!! ? – @marina.martam

You make me want to just get up and practice. So good? – @jranallllii

U have me shook every video – @aidana_gates

Are you even a real human???? – @miranda.k.miller

This is the guy we were talking about tonight. He’s one of the best aerialist I’ve ever seen! – @stpetesilks

This guy is goals I didn’t even know could exist. You should definitely be following him. – @circlecharmer
Ugh god this is so good. Seamless transitions. I would pay money to watch more of this. – @woolandoakshop 
Absolutely unbelievable!! The control and strength you have blows my mind! – @lydia2712 



My dream/goal is to one day be as graceful and amazingly strong as you @brandonscottacrobat ?? You inspire me everyday ?? – @surfing_yoga_girl

I love all of your videos, technique and expression. I would love to train with you someday. Congratulations dear ? – @danypa_15

Hey just wanted to let you know that I love your style! You’re showing me how guys can really flow on silks too, not just muscle through stuff. Thanks for showing your work. I’ve been practicing about two years. I’m too old to ever get to your level but I love fabric! – @jessicadreamlife

@brandonscottacrobat you’re one of my biggest inspirations since discovering my love for aerial. You are truly amazing… – @erinshea12 

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