Hello! I’m Brandon Scott,

Your guide into the amazing world of Aerial!

We’re living in a truly extraordinary time in history! For decades, even centuries, aerial has remained an exclusive secret of the circus tent. But today, it has become accessible to nearly everyone, whether you want to have aerial featured at an event of your own, or want to learn to do it yourself! Never before has this beautiful and dangerous art reached the lives of so many people, and I am elated to help YOU fall in love with Aerial too.     

My name is Brandon, and I am a professional Aerial Acrobat! I am currently based in Salt Lake City, where I coach classes and perform at local events. However, throughout the year you can find me traveling both within the United States and internationally to teach workshops, judge competitions, and perform. Please feel free to explore my website for more information, email me if you have any questions, and check out my work on youtube and instagram @brandonscottacrobat. 

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